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Chairman speech
“Dream in the heart, the pursuit of endless!” Share the joy of success. Thanks to the era have entrusted to our opportunities, thanks to the social people from all walks of life to the chang of water treatment equipment support, thank you for hard work on each post dedicated colleagues, we together for the common dream of surging ahead, skip over the waves. Some people say that we are Sou wind. In the process of the prosperous development of water treatment equipment, can rapid growth potential in their ears. "decade of grinding sword, in the era of change, the tide of economic ups and downs, our goal for the forward on the journey of" ; leading water treatment equipment; Some people say that we are the sea. With the broad mind like the sea, we can accommodate all not abandon trickle. Here, each lit dream run wide stage; Others said, we are the beacon. On the way of groping forward, leading peers advance equipment industry, paint the water treatment equipment industry is a pair of beautiful scenery flowers bloom. Indeed, each of us a walk