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Talent Idea
Talent Strategy:
People-oriented, good for first
Make us realize that the practice of enterprise development, there are a variety of businesses to participate in market competition, technological competition, product competition, service competition, and so on, in the final analysis, is talented persons competition, is the personnel quality competition. Talent is the most precious wealth of the southern machine tool, we always pay attention to talent introduction, cultivation and use, pay more attention to each talent, development and the future now. We provide the most competitive salary, benefits, the most clear career development plans, advocating "personal with enterprise common development", let employees get a sense of security, a sense of belonging, a sense of accomplishment, fully mobilize and self value of life.
people first:
We think everyone is a talent, people have no differences in status, only different responsibilities. We respect every talent, encouraged to raise their ability, strengthen the continuing education training, achievements and identity. Our people starting point and the center, take persons full scale development as the core, to meet growing the legitimate needs of talent, committed to build a high-quality, professional team of excellent professional managers.
As the most fundamental and most important professional quality, moral character is a person all the ability to guide and foundation. Various risks everywhere, and therefore have higher requirements on the operation and management. We need a strong sense of responsibility, good style, fine to do good business only. Can always good for requests itself, consciously forging professional ethics and professional character, wuxi, on the road to success.