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Taizhou Zhongchang water treatment equipment Co., Ltd. Is legal enterprise of the Peoples Republic of China, the legal representative NiShiZhong, corporate legal person code 61000219-3, legal address: the town of yuhuan county, zhejiang province, the Pearl Harbor city no. 121 cheng zhong rd. Company was founded in 1978, is a joint venture enterprise, national torch plan key high-tech enterprise, located in taizhou, zhejiang yuhuan ishii industrial park, covers an area of 7986 m2, including building area 4326 m2, is engaged in the development and production of water supply and drainage engineering equipment of form a complete set equipment professional company. In Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, Qingdao, shenzhen and other places set up a dozen services. In 2000 passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification. Company has 68 has the high-level technical title of senior management personnel and have practical experience and technical a number of high-quality staff. Creates the national engineering research center of urban pollution control production base, and with the German GWE water treatment engineering company, Shanghai tongji university cooperation, development of new and high technology in the field of cutting-edge products. Currently has eight national patents, more than 10 kinds of national new product, especially in the water, precipitation, filtration, automatic drug delivery, etc, has formed a series of products and complete sets of equipment, and some have reached the international advanced level. And built into a scientific research design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, training, after-sale service a set of complete service system. The company registered capital of 50.8 million yuan, annual output value has grown steadily each year, total sales of 305.86 million yuan in 2012, the total sales of 308.53 million yuan in 2013, total sales of 359.88 million yuan in 2014. Companies of all kinds of form a complete set of production equipment is complete. Plastic products processing equipment has a variety of specifications injection molding machine, extruder, drawing machine, molding machine; Metalworking, mechanical equipment with bending machine, shearing machine, punching machine, lathe, argon arc welding machine, complete sets of concrete plate steel mould and field special lifting equipment, can guarantee the quality of bidding product production and supply of time requirements.